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Messianic Jewish Alliance of America Postcard YWCA Postcard Cresheim Postcard
American Society of Cytopathology Postcard Solebury School Postcard Gazela Postcard
Philadelphia Montgomery Christian Academy Postcard Center for Literacy Reading and Writing Postcard National Havurah Committee Postcard
Chestnut Hill Academy Homecoming Postcard Ardmore Postcard United Way of Bucks County Kindergarten Postcard

Postcards can be a good and inexpensive alternative or companion to a more complete mailing program. Postcards are useful to supplement previous mailings, can be used as reminders or save the date cards, and are useful for driving your audience to a web site or event. Postcards come in a variety of standard sizes, such as 4 x 6, 5 x 7 and 6 x 9 to name just a few. Direct mail post cards are a great way to send a message to a person’s home.

Changes in technology now allow for what are called Variable data postcards. This will allow you to upload your mailing list (or other data) so that each postcard is printed uniquely and personally. Imagine your recipient’s name appearing in the art as, for example, hot air balloons or a sky writer’s patterns. It’s quite moving and effective. Variable data postcards are drastically captivating and effective, which will improve your Return On Investment.





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