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Every Door Direct Mail

Philadelphia Montgomery Christian Academy

If you have thought about a direct mail campaign in the past but didn't think you could afford it, now is the time to think again and take a close look at an exciting new program from the United States Postal Service. EDDM allows you to reach every customer in specific neighborhoods without needing names and addresses. Best of all. the postage can be as little as .157 each!

Here are some of the advantages of Every Door Direct Mail:

• No need to rent or purchase a costly mailing list
• No need to print names and addresses on the mailing piece
• No need for postal permits
• Send to every mailbox along the carrier route you designate
• Postage that is just above non-profit rates
• Larger mailing size gives you a virtual billboard for your message

This makes EDDM great for store or office openings, event announcements, discount coupons for local merchants and other location based marketers.

Don't market less, market smarter with geographic based Every Door Direct Mail.

For more information about Every Door Direct Mail, call the Direct Mail Experts at EnForm Graphic Productions, Inc., 215-598-1373.

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